CELLAR AQUAVET | Winstrol (Stanozolol) 75mg/ml 30ml




Click on the name of the section to which you wish to be redirected: General product data Description of the active substance Side effects Form of use General product data Name of the product STANO AQUAVET Active substance Winstrol (Stanozolol) 100mg per ml Main benefits Greater burning of fat, muscle definition and hardness Presentation Vial with 30ml VETERIIXPHARMA Laboratory Public price for Mexico $590 Back to top Description of the active substance Stanozolol or winstrol (informally recognized as “wins”, “wicho”, or “winny”), is one of the the most popular anabolic steroids used by people who are looking to build their muscles. It is a steroid derived from dihydrotestosterone (DHT). As such, by consuming it you can expect to reap the benefits that any other DHT derivative provides, i.e. accelerated loss of body fat, harder looking muscles, more pronounced veins, and an overall smoother physique. more defined. The effects of Winstrol are undoubtedly also very beneficial for athletic performance. This steroid has the ability to greatly increase strength, and this translates to an increase in power and speed for an athlete. Loss of strength that occurs when following a strict diet will not be a problem when using this substance. It also has the ability to reduce the amount of sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). SHBG binds to other steroids present in the cycle and makes them unusable, however the use of winstrol in a cycle potentiates the effect of all the others being used.Stanozolol is a relatively noble steroid in terms of its anabolic properties that can be safely used by both men and women during a fat cutting or fat reduction phase. Regardless of its success among athletes and bodybuilders, Stanozolol is widely used in modern medicine to preserve bone density in osteoporosis patients. It is also used for the treatment of obesity when hormonal assistance is required. And, in addition, recent studies have shown a positive impact on the strengthening of tendons. Back to top Side effects Side effects of an estrogenic nature are completely ruled out as this hormone does not aromatize. It is impossible for gynecomastia and fluid retention to occur due to the use of winstrol. Winstrol does not produce high androgenic activity, but there is a chance of seeing acne, or some hair loss if you are predisposed to it. This largely depends on how each individual's body responds to the substance. As with some other steroids, winstrol could also alter the lipid profile (cholesterol levels). Maintaining a diet low in saturated fat while using the substance would go a long way in avoiding the problems outlined above. This steroid has moderate hepatotoxicity. However, the toxicity levels are not of concern, not like those possessed by stronger oral steroids such as dianabol (methandienone). When discontinuing its use, any elevation that occurs in liver enzymes should gradually return to normal, without the need to use a liver cleanser such as silymarin (although it does not hurt). For women, if a higher dose than recommended is used, or when combined with other steroids not suitable for use, there may be a risk of masculinization.For this reason, it is very important that they do not use the same dosage as men, and thus they are easily exempt from any possibility that their bodies virilise. Back to top How to use To enjoy the benefits it provides to physical composition or athletic performance, men should consume 25 to 100mg daily (or alternatively, a weekly total of 200 to 700mg). Women, if they do not want to witness virilizing effects, should maintain a lower dose, from 5 to 10mg daily maximum (or failing that, a weekly total of 50 to 100mg). Stanozolol is found in both injectable and pill form, both forms produce exactly the same result. The injectable has an average duration of up to 48 hours in the blood, therefore it should be injected on at least two separate days per week. Its oral version lasts in the body for only 8 to 9 hours, so its consumption must be daily, and it must be divided into 2 to 3 doses throughout the day. One drawback of the injectable is the bad reputation that it has brought with it for some years regarding the pain of the injection. Previously, the active substance was in the form of crystals suspended in water that caused excessive irritation when introduced into the muscle, as they remain there until fully absorbed. Laboratories now put these crystals through a more sophisticated micro-spraying process, which has greatly reduced the pain of injections. Some laboratories even offer injectable winstrol in an oily solution, practically painless. go back up


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