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General product data Name of the product Extreme Ultra Reductive Cocktail Active substance Artichoke, Coenzyme A, Caffeine, CLA: T10-C12, C9-T11 & Ampelopsin Main benefits Powerful localized fat burner and eliminates sagging skin Presentation 10 ampoules of 5ml c/u oSealed box with 100 ampoules of 5mlc/u MESOFRANCE Laboratory Public price for Mexico $640 – Strip with 10 ampoules$3,190 – Sealed box with 100 ampoules Description of the active substances The product MESOFRANCE EXTREME ULTRA REDUCTIVE COCKTAIL is a cocktail with active Directly aimed at the loss of adipose tissue located in the abdomen, legs, arms and jowls. It considerably increases the body's energy expenditure, making it easier to use fats, quickly starting their elimination due to its powerful draining effect. Artichoke: The artichoke has lipolytic properties, thanks to its active ingredient Cynarin, enhancing a detoxifying action, diuretic and draining action in the treated area, this will cause fat or adiposities to be burned faster. Caffeine: The action of caffeine in mesotherapy is the acceleration of circulation and stimulates the release of accumulated fat in adipocytes, thus the body's own metabolism burns them. Coenzyme A: The function of Coenzyme A in mesotherapy is the oxidation of fatty acids. CLA: T10-C12, C9-T11: Commonly known as conjugated linolenic acid, it is a fatty acid, its main function in mesotherapy is the restoration of the skin.Ampelopsin: It acts selectively on adipose tissue, molding and reducing the accumulation of fat, since it increases the metabolism of triglycerides accumulated inside adipocytes, helping the body rapidly reduce excess fat and in turn increases density. of the dermis showing less infiltrated adipose tissue and improving the appearance of the skin. Secondary effect It can cause irritation or skin reactions in the applied area, slight inflammation. Excessive sweating when performing cardiovascular exercises. Form of use The application of mesotherapy is intradermal, unlike growth hormone or gonadotropin which is subcutaneous. 1ml insulin syringes can be used for injection and we recommend a needle thickness of 31G x 6mm. The ideal is to apply 10ml per zone, divided into 10 bites of 1ml, or 20 bites of 0.5ml. It is recommended to inject only one area per session. From 1 to 2 sessions per week during the first month and a half, or during the first two months. Then the sessions will be held fortnightly for 2 to 3 more months and then only the sessions will be done again in the desired areas every 4 months. Here is how you can easily give yourself injections in the abdomen area: For areas such as legs, buttocks and so on, it is best to seek the help of a professional.


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