Omnitrope | Growth hormone (Somatropin) 30ui (10mg)



NOTE: ANY GROWTH HORMONE IN THE ONLINE STORE IS STORED IN REFRIGERATION. THEY ARE SENT IN A COOLER WITH FROZEN GEL AND WITH EXPRESS SHIPPING IN ORDER TO TAKE CARE OF THE TEMPERATURE OF THE PRODUCT DURING ITS TRANSFER. EXPRESS SHIPMENTS ARE ONLY MADE FROM MONDAY TO THURSDAY. General product data Product name Omnitrope Active substance Growth hormone (Somatropin) 30ui (10mg) Main benefits Rejuvenation, greater recovery, fat burning, and lean muscle mass Presentation Vial with pre-mixed solution of somatropin SANDOZ Laboratory Description of the substance active Somatropin, better known as growth hormone (HGH), is not only one of the most beneficial hormones that our body produces, but also when supplied exogenously it is one of the best tolerated and safest substances that exist both to improve athletic performance and physical appearance, as well as for use in the medical field. Growth hormone is the best there is for burning fat, it increases body strength and helps stop muscle loss. It is also known for its rejuvenating qualities if used for a long time, restores hair growth and color, strengthens the immune system, normalizes blood glucose levels, increases energy and provides an improvement in sexual performance, as well as in sleep quality, vision, and memory. It is said that it 'reverses the biological clock' of a person, since it can get to disappear certain wrinkles, improve the texture, elasticity, and appearance of the skin.Growth hormone is not an anabolic steroid, one of the advantages it has over anabolic steroids is that it causes an increase in the number of muscle cells (hyperplasia) unlike the steroid that is only responsible for enlarging these in size (hypertrophy). ). This characteristic can cause the genetic limit of the consumer to be exceeded with its prolonged use and the changes to be permanent. Side effects As it is not an anabolic steroid, it is impossible to witness the adverse effects of the high level of estrogens or androgens that steroids can cause. Somatropin is not toxic to the liver or kidneys at all, nor does it cause a negative alteration in the person's blood lipid profile. Despite not sharing any side effects like steroids, there are a few, typical of HGH use, that can occur, the most common being a little irritation or a small bulge at the injection site. Some users have also reported some swelling or fluid retention in the heels and wrists, as well as mild headaches. If these symptoms occur, it will only be during the first few days and they will usually disappear quickly. As it is a hormone that the human body has produced throughout life, supplying it exogenously does not have to represent a major complication. Growth hormone is very safe and can be used indefinitely with a reasonable dosage. The real problems can only occur if you abuse it and use very high doses for a fairly long time, as some of the bodybuilding professionals do, that's when there is a risk of having growth of other tissues apart from skeletal muscle, as is bone tissue, or smooth muscle. Even due to abuse, type 2 diabetes could develop in the short term.How to use It is strictly necessary to keep it refrigerated (not frozen), if it will be used again in later days. It is not so mandatory to have growth hormone refrigerated before using it, it can be kept for a few days or weeks at room temperature (not exposed to sun or heat), but even so, having it refrigerated is a more appropriate environment for its molecular structure. The injection must be made with an insulin syringe and preferably subcutaneously in the abdomen area, and before going to sleep, since it is a substance secreted during the hours of sleep, some people experience some drowsiness when applied during the day. Regarding the amount to be supplied, those who are planning its long-term use to obtain the rejuvenating benefits, should use 1 to 2i per day. For those who want the athletic performance and fat-burning benefits as well, 2-4iu daily would do the trick. On the other hand, if what is sought is also to obtain the anabolism caused by hyperplasia, 6 to 8i daily for a long time would be necessary to obtain the desired results. Whether the user supplies the necessary amount to obtain fat burning, or enough to also obtain greater muscle mass, in any of these cases it can be combined with anabolic steroids, in fact, its use during the cycle would help to achieve an even lower level of body fat, and continuing its use even after the cycle is over provides excellent protection against catabolism. Regardless of the amount used, growth hormone is somewhat slow to act, in order to appreciate the benefit of fat loss it is recommended to use it for at least 2 months, although using it longer will be much more beneficial.Regarding the characteristics of rejuvenation or increased anabolism, it is suggested to be used for a minimum of 6 months, and the time of use can be extended indefinitely. Despite the delay in having the desired effects, the result is of better quality and much more permanent and easier to maintain than when using other products.


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