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General product data Product name Anastroelite Active substance Arimidex (Anastrozol) 1mg per tablet Main benefits Anti-estrogen, less fluid retention, greater hardness and muscle definition Presentation Blisters with 50 tablets Elite Pharmaceuticals Laboratory Public price for Mexico $890 Description of the active substance Anastrozole is the active substance in the drug Arimidex (which is how users usually recognize or name this substance). Arimidex has been the trade name of the drug produced by the AstraZeneca brand, which is a non-steroidal medicine, belonging to the family of aromatase enzyme inhibitors. This means that arimidex, or anastrozole, works as a powerful anti-estrogen. When a man uses anabolic steroids, certain substances aromatize (convert to estrogen). The main steroids in which this occurs are all forms of testosterones, dianabol (methandienone), deca-durabolin (nandrolone decanoate), and to a lesser extent boldenone. If estrogen is not controlled by the use of an anti-estrogen, then the following side effects related to elevated estrogen levels begin to occur: -The most bothersome of these side effects of an estrogenic nature is the possible development of gynecomastia, which is the formation of breast tissue under the nipple area. If not treated quickly, it can become irreversible and require surgical intervention. -It is almost certain that fluid retention will be present. Excess water accumulation in the body and face can completely ruin a physique, as it would make your face look fat, and the body lacking in muscle definition. -Other less mentioned side effects of fluid retention are increased blood pressure and lack of energy.-High levels of estrogen have also been linked to a decrease in sexual libido and decreased strength of erections. If we compare these two anti-estrogens, on the one hand, arimidex (an inhibitor of the aromatase enzyme), against tamoxifen (which is a selective modulator of estrogen receptors), arimidex works by preventing the production of estrogen in the first place, on the other On the other hand, tamoxifen rather prevents the estrogens present in the body from adhering to the estrogen receptors, and in this way prevents the previously detailed side effects from occurring. Thus, tamoxifen does not prevent the formation of estrogen as arimidex would, it only prevents side effects of this nature. Side effects The use of Arimidex alone, without anabolic steroids, may cause weakness or fatigue. This could be considered the most common side effect, but for the anabolic steroid user it shouldn't be a problem unless you are on a cutting cycle where the accompanying diet is very low calorie. Other much less likely side effects include headache, increased blood pressure, and possible joint pain. Certain studies show that arimidex has the ability to reduce bone mineral content, but again, this is not a problem for anabolic steroid users since most of them have the ability to promote bone mineral content. . On the other hand, for those who use arimidex in conjunction with anabolic steroids (mainly those that aromatize), this would cause a negative impact on cholesterol levels, something that is not present in the use of this substance alone, nor has been seen with the use of tamoxifen, in fact, tamoxifen has the ability to promote healthy cholesterol levels.To counteract this, it is very important to follow a diet low in saturated fats and simple sugars (which is what any person or athlete who plans to improve their physique or performance is expected to be doing). It's also a good idea to incorporate cardiovascular exercise from time to time. Form of use For cycles with moderate doses of any type of testosterone (other than in suspension), boldenone, and/or deca-durabolin (nandrolone decanoate), the use of tamoxifen alone may be sufficient. For stronger cycles such as those that contain high doses of the 3 substances mentioned above, or if dianabol (methandienone) and/or testosterone is supplied in suspension, it is best to use arimidex. You should consume at least 0.5mgs every other day to keep estrogen levels under control. The vast majority of steroid users tend to feel fine with the above dosage, but this can be raised to 0.5mgs daily, or a full 1mg every other day. The amount and frequency of arimidex shots will largely depend on the steroids used, also how they are being dosed, as well as how the body responds to them. For bodybuilders in the 10 to 14 days before a competition, the exception can be made and increase the consumption of arimidex up to 1mg daily. Lower estrogen levels at this stage are helpful in adding a tighter, fat-free appearance to the body, however, too much of this medication could result in low energy levels, although in and of itself, these last few days of working out diet before competing, the person is already low on energy anyway.


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