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Click on the name of the section to which you wish to be redirected: General data of the product Description of the active substance Side effects Form of use General data of the product Product name Clomielite Active substance Clomiphene Citrate 50mg per tablet Main benefits Post-cycle. Increased production of testosterone in men. Fertility treatment for women. Presentation Blisters with 75 tablets Elite Pharmaceuticals Laboratory Public price for Mexico $940 Back to top Description of the active substance Clomiphene citrate (or simply, clomiphene, or clomid), is a powerful anti-estrogen classified as SERM (selective estrogen receptor modulator, due to its acronym in English). In many ways it is similar to another very popular SERM called tamoxifen (contained in the drug nolvadex). This substance is used after performing a steroid cycle. Males finish a steroid cycle with their natural testosterone production drastically reduced. The severity of this depends largely on the type of substances used, how long they were given, and how the person reacted. In cycles with SARMs that have contained 3 or more of these substances, used for a period of 8 or more weeks, there will also be a reduction in the male's natural production of testosterone. During post-cycle therapy, to restore the male's natural testosterone production, clomiphene is used. Clomiphene stimulates the pituitary gland to release more luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), which in turn will help restore a man's natural testosterone production. In the case of women, these two hormones are responsible for ovulation and, therefore, it is effective in their post-cycle.When a woman uses anabolic steroids, her menstrual cycle may become irregular or stop. In post-cycle women, the goal of clomiphene is to stimulate fertility for the next 2-3 menstrual periods, before deciding to repeat another steroid cycle. Back to top Side Effects Clomiphene is one of the best tolerated SERMs or anti-estrogens out there, for both men and women, however, there may be very rare cases of headaches, nausea, or acne breakouts, which beyond being caused by the clomid itself, it is really due to the natural high flow of testosterone that is now being produced in the body. Back to top Form of use To ensure the maximum recovery of the natural production of testosterone in the post-cycle of men, both for the user of steroids and for the user of SARMs, clomiphene should be dosed on the first day at 150mg. Followed by 15 days consuming 100mg daily. Later, 15 more days, only with 50mg daily. And optionally, it can be used for a week or two plus a daily dose of 25mg to finish. For women, clomiphene should be used when natural menstrual bleeding occurs (this should occur within 2 to 4 weeks maximum after stopping the use of anabolics, if it does not occur, it must be chemically induced with the use of HCG (for more information, read How does a woman cycle steroids?) Clomiphene can be started between menstruation day 2 or 5. It should be taken for 5 days in a row in doses of 50 to 100mg The above can be repeated in the next two or three menstruations to ensure as much as possible the return of fertility, before deciding to use a steroid cycle again.


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